Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Womans Rage (2008)

Beautiful ALLISON (Cynthia Preston), 30, has no trouble finding a man. It's keeping them that's the problem. Allison tends to become very obsessive and jealous in her relationships, driving men away. Then she met BRIAN, 44, and swore things would be different. But they weren't. Brian, the man of Allison's dreams, soon leaves her. Unable to take accountability for her actions, Allison blames KATHRYN (Brandy Ledford), 41, for "stealing" Brian away. To punish Kathryn for ripping away the "love of her life," Allison vows to get even by stealing away Kathryn's 17-year-old son SCOTT (Alex House), a boy who's already had a few brushes with the law. When Brian dies in a hit-and-run "accident," Allison poses as Brian's estranged younger sister to gain access to Scott. Using her beauty and ability to manipulate, she slowly starts to draw Scott away from his mother. But Kathryn's not about to lose her son without a fight and the two women go head to head in a battle for the 17-year-old boy

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